Mr ODD Sox

(Song starts with spoon tapp’n, jazz forte – to be interrupted when at fever pitch with short rhyming scats something like this)

Red with sun

Holey one

Blacked hum

Checkered tum..(..repeat more rhyming nonsense here if possible.. Then back to finger click’n)

(Chorus,, with brass)

Hey Mr OoODD Sox.. Ain’t nothin’ like reality –

Yes Mr OoODD Sox.. Why don’t cha,

Take a little tip from me!

(Abrupt end and back to the tapp’n as intro to more scatty rhyming:)

Forgotten Lace

Struttin brace

About face

Stinky mace

Building pace

(Repeat Chorus line..all sax n guitar solos here)


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