(Dracula)- drop c#

[Ala Peter Gunn, blues bros..yet heavy metallic]

Your body’s Black

And engine’s Red

A smokin’ stack

Comes from yr head.

Tyres like hooves –

To scratch the road,

Low slung n heavy –

Bout to explode.

(Chorus..x2. )000oohaah Dracula!

Chrome n’ Black

You’re dynamite

Suck down soul

My dreams take flight

Scream n’ roar

You’ve left yr mark

Like Dracula

In the dark.

(Chorus..x2. )000oohaah Dracula!

(Long solos – 1st guitar, then drums – bass steady throughout, maintain verse chorus structure)

Thund’ring gun

Street lights blur

A carroselle

Visions whir.

Blood will flow

heads will roll

when Dracula

takes its toll.

(ENDING to be confirmed on the night!)


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