Written prayer. Draft#1

For work.

Thanks Father, Mightiest of all – that you are the master, judge and peacemaker of my spirit, soul and body; heart, mind and strength.. I cry out to you today for mercy at work, when/if I stuff up; peace the whole day and joy at the end and throughout – for my associates & for me!

In Jesus name, let it be so.

I thank you, for ongoing labour/work – that every ounce I have be AS for serving you. May in doing and being so, may I not confuse a master with the Maker.

And Jesus, Prince of Peace – may your Kingdom Come.

Thank you; that you came as a baby born of one of flesh and spirit – like me… You are Emanuel.

That, because of this holy mystery I can look with eyes of faith on the contempt, ridicule and scorn – that so often confronts, debases and pulls me down…

… And that through the brokenness, imperfections, hurtful untruths and even unintentional failings of myself and others – WE – can see your work.

Intertwined with our efforts – bringing peace, making new, giving rest, balance and reward – the pace, for true success.



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